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The Foodies



  • Low carber for: 9 years
  • Favourite recipe:Halloumi Fries
  • Foodie quote: "The secret ingredient is always cheese"
  • Desert island foods: Avocado, goats cheese, butter, eggs & MCT Coffee


  • Low carber for: 16 years
  • Favourite recipe:Herby Lemon Parmesan Chicken
  • Foodie quote: "Eat better, not less"
  • Desert island foods: Chicken, eggs, garlic infused olive oil, extra thick double cream, raspberries

Our Story

Our small team has come together over the love of natural & low carb food, and 3pm coffee and chocolate breaks! A (cauliflower) mash up of busy workers, parents and exercise lovers we need our food to nourish and energise, and to be as natural as possible whilst often being ready in super-quick time. Using our knowledge and passion we wanted somewhere for low carbers to come and celebrate food with inspiring pictures, delicious recipes and tried and tested products.

Every one of the Natural & Low Carb Kitchen products have been created in Hannah’s kitchen then tried, tested and approved by the team before being finalised and perfected alongside our trusted British manufacturers. Whether you are a low carb beginner or a fully-fledged keto follower we hope you enjoy our website and products.

If you have any comments please get in touch (but maybe not between 3-3.15pm)!