It’s a common misconception that eating a low carb diet means you can chomp on masses of eggs and chicken breasts all day long. Low carb does not mean high protein – especially if your aim is to enter and stay in a ketogenic state. We personally don’t abide by strict daily macros (it just seems like such hard work), but follow the simple rule of high fat, moderate protein, low carb when preparing our plates.

But why?

When you eat too much protein it is turned into glucose which leads to a blood sugar spike and an insulin response which can kick you out of ketosis and increase sugar cravings.
So if you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for it maybe down to the levels of protein you are consuming, so consider increasing your fat intake and dropping the lean protein. Snack on nuts, seeds and full fat dairy, and enjoy moderate portions of meat, fish and eggs with your meals. As a rough rule it should fit easily in the palm of your hand.

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