BBC One aired a documentary looking into the real impact of carbs on our bodies and health. Though we didn’t agree with everything that was said (c’est la vie), it was refreshing to watch a programme that finally looked at the benefits of low carb food for not only weight loss but for diabetics, cancer prevention and fertility too.

Mainly focused on educating the audience on what actually constitutes a carb, and the difference between them, it advised on making smarter decisions on the quality and quantity of carbs you consume and how to make simple changes that “could save your life”.

Within the 58 minute episode you’ll see a variety of volunteers take part in a a series of different experiments such as guessing how much sugar is in common foods (19 cubes in a potato), a cracker test to determine their tolerance to carbs, and even the effect carbs can have on stimulating the brain and body simply by having them in your mouth then spitting them out (not something we really want to see at the gym thanks!).

It concludes with a group of people who have been eating low carb for two weeks and their results including weight loss, inch loss, increased energy levels, less hunger and a near reversal in type 2 diabetes!

Our thoughts…we know that a low carb or keto diet can seriously change lives for the better, though we understand it’s not for everyone. You can’t help but wonder that if we as a nation embraced this way of eating then the savings to the NHS could be amazing and the quality of life to many greatly improved. Change is coming and that can only be a good thing.

Definitely worth a watch!

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