When everyday life keeps you busy your diet is often the first thing to go to the bottom of your priorities. That’s why we’ve created our list of our favourite grab and go low carb snacks for when time and variety just isn’t on your side. Whether you’re out shopping, travelling or somewhere unfamiliar, you should be able to find one of these common keto items in most places to ensure you stay on track.

Even petrol stations like to stock little mini cheeses like Babybels or Cathedral City. Opt for 2 x 20g portions for a no carb snack with up to 9.6g fat!

Ideally unflavoured versions are the best option. Go for 30g almonds for a satiating 14.8g of fat and 4g carbs. If options are low then salted peanuts will give you 15g fat and only 1.7g carbs per 30g!

We’ve all seen the ‘protein pots’ doing the rounds. 2 boiled eggs will give you around 9.6g fat and 0g carbs. For an added boost look out for those that have spinach, avocado or salmon too!

Keto snacks for the meat lover. These pork sticks come in various flavours and are super tasty. The standard sized original flavour will give you 9.9g fat and only 0.5g carbs.

A treat snack packed with antioxidants and essential minerals. 20g of good quality 85% cocoa dark chocolate will provide upwards of 10g fat and around 4g carbs.

When you need a caffeine hit try adding in a dash of double cream for a satisfying drink. A filter coffee with a tbsp of double cream will hit you with 8.6g fat and zero carbs!