There’s no need to totally avoid alcohol on a low carb or keto diet, but it is important to drink in moderation and choose wisely. Here’s our top tips for celebrating your hard work without ruining it!

Spirit & Mixer
Vodka and gin are typical go-to’s for many low carbers, but be careful what you add! Diet mixers are filled with artificial sweeteners that can increase sugar cravings and some slim line or light tonics still contain added sugar in various forms – always check the label!

Swap 150ml tonic water for soda water and save yourself upwards of 7g carbs!

Red or White?
Wine can be a tricky choice as there are so many varieties available. Red wine in general tends to be lower in carbs than white wine, but if you must indulge go for dry wines rather than the sweet versions.

Swap 175ml sweet white wine for a flute of champagne or prosecco and save yourself 9g carbs!

Fruity cocktails are super sweet and will almost guarantee the dreaded sugar headache. Avoid the energy slump and go for cleaner blends without the fruit juices or sugar syrups (and stay hydrated with plenty of water!).

Swap a French Martini for a Dirty Martini and save yourself 10g carbs!

Cheese and…
The cheese board (minus the crackers) is a low carbers delight – tuck in but don’t ruin your good intentions by adding in those carbs with your naughty little drink on the side!

Swap a large Port for a Dry Sherry and save yourself 5g carbs!