“People who love to eat are always the best people!”

We are a small team…passionate, opinionated and always up for a good debate in house! But there are things that we ALWAYS agree on – introducing The Rules We Eat By…

1. Eat fat with every meal

Fat fuels our bodies with energy and nourishes us from the inside out. Salad? Add olive oil and avocado. Eggs? Add a big knob of butter. Strawberries? Unacceptable without extra thick double cream…and lots of it.

2. Always avoid artificial sweeteners

Highly addictive, confusing for your taste buds and a lack of research into the true long term effects on your body. Aspartame is literally a swear word in our office. Just say NO.

3. Know what’s in your food

We don’t rely on nutritional claims and clever advertising. The truth is in the ingredients list and if you don’t recognise something on there or can’t pronounce it – then you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

4. Don’t be a sheep…

Be yourself. Don’t follow the trends. Eat what you like to eat to feel healthy and happy. Don’t always follow the recipe – some of our best creations have come from adapting and experimenting. It won’t always work and that’s ok!

5. …But do eat the sheep

We’re all meat eaters here at NLCS. Crispy bacon, grilled chicken salads, burgers bbq’d to pink perfection and steaks that cut like butter… We’ve even been on an hour long hunt for a lamb shish kebab (hold the pitta) at lunchtime! Delicious & nutritious.