We’ve all heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” and it has a certain truth to it. You simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet and if you are going to put in the time and effort to workout, then why not make sure you are maximising your results by fuelling your body correctly pre & post workout. As a team who loves to exercise and work up a sweat here is our advice for smashing that workout on a low carb diet and why that protein shake may be sabotaging your results.

Pre Workout

Eating a small snack around 30-45 minutes before your workout is ideal and now is the time to include a small amount of carbs if you want to. We’re not talking bowls of pasta or porridge but a handful of berries with natural yoghurt, 40g of nuts like almonds or brazil’s, half an avocado or a Chocolate & Macadamia Bar are all great nutritious options for a sustainable boost of energy when it’s needed.


Post Workout

Re-fuelling is essential for your body so ideally try to eat something within 15-30 minutes of completing your exercise. If you’ve had a particularly strenuous workout you may not feel like eating immediately after so listen to your body and eat when you feel comfortable to do so. Now is the time to go for protein options like eggs, meat, fish or a packet of delicious Pork Crunch. Protein shakes can be full of caffeine, artificial flavours, nasty sweeteners, unnecessary ingredients and heavy on the carbs. We always recommend eating real, natural food over shakes but if you do go for one make sure you understand the ingredients list, check the carbs and look out for any warnings displayed on the packaging before swallowing it down.

During Your Workout

It goes without saying to stay hydrated throughout the whole day – whether training or not. Once you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated so sip water regularly to avoid that feeling. If you find you are drinking a lot of water when working out but don’t feel satisfied, you may need a little help balancing your electrolytes lost through sweating. Avoid the sugary sports drinks and simply add in a very small pinch of unrefined sea salt to your water bottle for a quick and effective way to rehydrate (you shouldn’t be able to taste it!).